From left to right: Jim Wigglesworth (Designer), Margaret Neely (CFO) & Joseph Neely (The Guy)From left to right: Jim Wigglesworth (Designer), Margaret Neely (CFO) & Joseph Neely (The Guy)

Welcome to the Indoor Outdoor Outdoor Guy Renovations Inc. website. The Indoor Outdoor Guy and his team have been very busy this year and would like to show you some of the projects that they have completed, and others that they are working on.

Building a home and renovating it or adding to make it more useful, are the two main functions of our company: Indoor Outdoor Guy Renovations Inc. Designing the interiors or exteriors, planning and designing for the renovations or additions are the natural corollaries. Yet, home construction, renovation or remodeling entails much more than designing and building. There are many other technical aspects to consider and there is a need to have a clear knowledge of local laws relating to construction, requirements of permits for additions etc. So when you are considering a renovation or addition to your home and are looking for home addition contractors in Richmond, you will find that Indoor Outdoor Guy Renovations Inc. is the right company that can deliver what you need in custom additions, renovation and remodeling as we have a creative and experienced team that is totally committed to quality and service.

Our services include design, construction of houses, additions, home renovations vancouver, interior renovations of kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms, remodeling of exteriors, building sheds, decks and pergolas, strata and co-op restorations etc.

Whether it is the exterior of your home that needs a new look or the interior of your home: kitchen, bathroom and/or living room. We prefer to work with low maintenance materials, on the exterior of your home, such as fiber cement siding and use natural, low VOC building materials on the interior, such as Douglas fir timber framing and slate tiles or low maintenance materials such as porcine tiles and hardwood floors. The new fiber cement siding is not only elegant to look at but also is long lasting and low maintenance.

Custom renovation and remodeling is our forte and our main objective is to fulfill your wishes and make your home as comfortable and aesthetically appealing as possible. As we have done loads of different projects, we have the experience to make suggestions of other possibilities that you may not think of. After understanding your requirements, we make creative suggestions and finally with your approval give you a finished product with which you are sure to be delighted.

Aesthetically, when remodeling or making additions to an old home we take into consideration the style of the house and houses in the surrounding area and design the additions so that they merge with the general style of the house and the locality. Technically, when adding another floor to an old house or character home apart from the building permits and the aesthetics, care is taken to evaluate the strength of the foundation and stress points and strengthening them to ensure the safety of the building.

There is broad scope to designing new interiors. Interiors can be designed to fulfill the aspirations of the client and the look and feel to match the present one. Depending on the requirements and the wishes of the client, importance could be given to the wow quotient or functionality or creative use of space etc. Each project is a challenge that is accepted and completed ensuring safety, durability and beauty. Natural products such as earth quarried slate and granite, natural wool carpeting and beautiful fir wood framing and floors give the home a natural radiant glow and warmth. To integrate all these different features and create a design that is loved by the client, fits smoothly into the rest of the décor and is fully functional is the challenge that we always take and invariably win.

Exterior renovation, remodeling and additions are all challenges that we love to take on. For exteriors we take up any exterior remodeling or renovating project such as construction of external shed, garage, pergola or cabana as the need be.

No project is too small or too big if it is about additions, remodeling or home renovation vancouver and if you are looking for home addition contractors in vancouver, Richmond we will be very happy to serve you and assure you that you will be completely satisfied with our work. We have the expertise, the experience and the passion to see every project through and strive to see your vision of the project fulfilled.

Serving Vancouver, Richmond, Delta and all the lower mainland.