DSC 0028DSC 0028Many of our additions and landscape projects involve excavation. When building an addition, we have to excavate the top soil out, until we get to solid ground. In some areas such as Vancouver we may only have to go a few feet down to reach solid undisturbed ground. While in other places, such as farming areas in Richmond, or mountainous areas in West Vancouver, we may have to go down four, six, or even ten feet to reach solid enough ground to build a foundation on.

While excavating for a foundation we also excavate for drain tile replacement and any city services such as water or sewer that are required to be upgraded by the city, as part of the renovation.

We also provide complete landscaping services for our projects. We install retaining walls, top soil, and level front and back lawns for clients. Foundation, excavation and drain tile replacement often go hand in hand, as it is more cost effective to do everything that you can at the same time, when you have the machine and crew on site. 


We provide the follwing excavation services.


  1. Excavation for the foundations of new buildings and additions
  2. Excavator trenching services for replacement of sewer and water lines.
  3. Residential excavating for curb appeal projects, concrete retaining walls, water features, brick/block retaining walls, wood retaining walls, water features and patio paver installations
  4. Basement excavation to allow for the creation of a basement or to increase the depth of a crawl space. 
  5. Demolition to remove houses, sheds, and other structures
  6. Structural filling to fill in pools or other depressions in the ground
  7. Excavation for the replacement of draintile systems and foundation backfilling
  8. Construction site grading, loading and levelling services, with mini excavator and bobcats
  9. Excavation for septic system installations
  10. Rock and allen block landscapingIMG 1042IMG 1042




Our goal is to deliver affordable excavating and bobcat services for all of our projects whether it is as big as an addition or as small as adding a retaining wall.  

If you need excavation work done please give us a call at 604-277-5572 or through our website's contact page and we would be happy to come out and have a look at your project.

Serving Vancouver, Richmond, Delta and all the lower mainland.