We have been in the renovation business more than 12 years.  We have many clients due to our exceptionally high standards and our service orientated approach to kitchen design and construction. In terms of home improvement projects kitchens require more attention to detail and design coordination than any other part of the home.  A good kitchen design team that coordinates the different material finishes and colors well, makes all the difference between an average kitchen and one with wow effect.  A good design, besides giving function to a kitchen and a modular look for your cooking space, also gives a comfortable relaxing area to spend time with your family.  One of the main focus’ of The Indoor Outdoor Guy renovations is kitchen reno’s in Richmond and the surrounding areas

We always strive to create the best kitchen for your family, while working with the budget that you have. Let’s make your kitchen renovation vancouver dreams come true!  The Indoor Outdoor Guy and his team of renovation experts have the hands on experience to re design your house in such a way as to provide more open, comfortable and relaxing living spaces, both indoors and outdoors. In essence making your kitchen a space where you not only work in, but also relax in while cooking different meals.

Kitchens are the central place in most homes where meals are prepared, the family eats, discussions are had and family members spend quality time together.  To quote a corny phrase “Kitchens are spaces where happiness is cooked and served, a place where the entire family eats, life's events are  shared and memories of quality time are cherished.”
Acknowledging the importance of the kitchen and emotions attached to it, we feel our primary job is to listen to you the client,  to understand what your kitchen needs and functions are and to get a vision/design down onto paper so you can see what it will look like before any work begins.  Your happiness with the finished project is what our main goal is.  While designing a custom kitchen for you, the counter tops, cabinetry, faucets, sinks, lighting, flooring, hardware along with other key components of your kitchen, are carefully selected in consultation with you while keeping in mind your tastes and budget.

With our company, you have the flexibility to select from a range of different materials such as laminate, granite or quartz counter tops along with other rich colors and textures that blend with the decor of your home.

Why Call The Indoor and Outdoor Guy?

  • Some questions that clients typically ask about kitchen renovations in vancouver/Richmond or the surrounding area:

  • Highly Recommended: We have testimonials from existing clients that  are satisfied with our work and recommend us for the knowledge and experience that we bring to the project and the quality workmanship that we deliver.

  • Planning and Design:  We work with our clients to design a kitchen that meets their needs and visually meets their expectations.  Every step of the process is planned with the client.

  • Reasonable Prices: We charge fair prices for the quality work that we provide.

  • Shared Experience: We possess willingness to share our expertise and advice with you.

  • Professional Crew: All our team members are pleasant, generous, consistent, and punctual. We handle our tasks effectively, professionally and courteously.  We work from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm every Monday - Friday.   We don’t get in the way of your personal life or family life by showing up on weekends or evenings.

  • Goodwill: Rated A+ by BBB, we have been a member of the better business bureau for the last 7 years and have never had a claim against us.

  • Trustworthy: Our performance is guaranteed, and work is warranted, so be free to count on us.

  • Expert Professionals: All our our staff and sub trades are professionals.

  • Clean and Organized: The worksite is allows organized and left clean, garbage  is always placed in our dump trailer and never left on the front lawn. We   are one of the few in the industry to invest and use negative air machines to all but eliminate demolition and drywall dust from the rest of your home.  Care is taken because we understand that you still have to live there while the renovation is going on.

  • Stress Free Experience: We are professionals that provide stunning finished home renovations, offering a stress free experience.
  • With our approachable nature, we urge you to meet and discuss with us your renovation or new construction needs. We we will get back to you within   a reasonable period of time with a solution that you would love to implement.

Call us at 604-277-5572.

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