120 sq foot shed with loft space for storage, battens and metal roof
This shed has all the bells and whistles: a metal roof, nine windows, a glass door, window and door trim, battens, trusses, two rooms, two roofs and more. The original photo from the plans also featured a trellis and two additional windows as shown at right. This shed can be used for a heated office, a spring potting shed or just storage. It can be built on skids, concrete piers, or a slab on grade foundation. The walls can be insulated and interior finished to what the client desires. The square footage of this shed is 120 sq. feet., plus loft space for storage. The truss & purlin roof system allows for easy access to all the attic space.


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This shed and pergola were custom built for a client.  The client intends to use the shed for storage and the covered pergola will house a hot tub. The shed was cladded in cedar, as per the client's request.  Timber frame construction was used for the pergola to give it the desired look.  The client painted the shed and fence to match in a natural cedar stain.

Shed clad in cedar, timber frame construction for pergola


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This shed is the ultimate combination between floor space and storage. It has 64 sq feet of loft storage space without taking away from its 96 sq feet of main floor space. It has many features: a metal roof, two storage lofts, a glass door, door trim, battens, trusses and more. The loft area is meant for storage, while the main floor area can be used as a heated office, workshop, potting shed or more "storage". It can be built on skids, concrete piers, or a slab on grade foundation. The walls can be insulated and interior finished to what the client desires. The metal is roof is available in many different colors. It's extra height allows for the loft storage areas. As this shed is below 100 sq feet it does not require a building permit in most cities in the lower mainland, however the location of a shed in a yard still must comply to local zoning bylaws.

shed with loft area for extra storage, metal roof, board and batten siding

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Shed needed as backyard office with large glass windows for lots of natural light

The Project

For this project,  the client desired a custom designed outdoor workspace that would be separate from her home, where she could focus on her accounting business.  The design of this small building incorporates a number of windows and a door with glass to allow the primary lighting source to be natural. The floor plan, which dictated the exterior dimensions of the building was designed to the optimum dimensions for office furniture.



Interior of office shed in backyard


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The client wanted this shed to serve two distinct purposes.   The shed needed to be both a playhouse and bike shed.    To accomplish this we divided the shed into sections, with separate doors for each section.   The bike storage area is 4 x 8 and has it's own side entrance.   The playhouse section is 8x8 and borders the sides with the windows and the door with a stained glass insert.   This shed, like most of our sheds, has a metal roof and board and batten siding.  The doors are exterior grade out swing doors.  The fact that the door swings out instead of in allows the client to get the maximum use of the space inside the sheds two sections.

shed divided into two sections one 4x8 section for bike storage and one 8x8 section, metal roof with board and batten siding

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