10 Kitchen Tools Every Home Cook Should Have

1. Instant Pot. It seems like everyone you know has an Instant Pot and you really don’t understand what all the hoopla is about. There are several cooking shows, hundreds of cook books and thousands of recipes based on this one-pot wonder. It sautés, steams, roasts, boils and even bakes. While cooking French fries in an Instant Pot is not recommended, once you’ve baked a New York Cheesecake in one you will never go the oven route again. Perfectly cooked and not a crack to be seen, bakers around the world rejoice over instant pot cheesecake. Another area this kitchen rock star excels at is making soups, stews and stock. You will cut your time in half – at least – if you make your stock in an Instant Pot instead of on the stove. At Christmas and other holidays where the oven is fully occupado, this multi-cooker will save the day.


Instant Pot Duo 60.  Digital image. Instant Brands. 30 September 2020,


2. Cast iron pots. Almost everyone has stainless steel pots and pans, but having at least one cast iron frying pan gives you more options when cooking classic comfort food. They heat evenly and keep food warmer for a much longer time than a stainless steel pot does. They can go right into the oven just like a casserole dish can. We’re also quite sure these practically unbreakable pans would come in very handy in a hailstorm.



Cast iron pots set of 3. Digital image. Williams Sonoma. 30 September, 2020,


3. Soda Stream. This handy kitchen tool takes boring, tap-water and transforms it into delicious, fizzy water in mere seconds. Create your own flavored sodas and wow your guests at your holiday party. Amazingly, the Soda Stream needs no electricity or batteries to run. It takes up little space on your counter and blends in with most kitchen décor thanks to its sleek design. What are you waiting for? Get fizzy with it.



SodaStream. Digital image. Amazon.ca. 30 September, 2020,

4. Crème Brûlée Torch. Any crème Brûlée lover should have a pastry torch in their pantry. This torch is easy to use and can roast marshmallows and light birthday candles in a pinch. We do not recommend roasting marshmallows and lighting birthday candles with your crème Brûlée torch, mainly because if you have a torch you should be eating crème Brûlée, not marshmallows and cake. Full stop.



Culinary Torch. Digital image. Overstock.ca. 30 September, 2020,

5. Automatic pan stirrer with handle. A device that stirs the pot while you chop vegetables, sauté onions or put your feet up. There’s another name for this tool – Mom’s Best Friend. How many times have you been frazzled and stressed because you cannot stop stirring your roux so you may put something in the oven, find something in the refrigerator, or make a cup of tea? Just imagine the thought of your pasta never sticking to the bottom of the pot again. Better yet, imagine the look on your friends’ faces when you pretend the pan stirrer is powered by magic?



Auto Stirrer. Digital image. Lee Valley.com. 30 September, 2020

6. June Oven. A better name for this high tech appliance would be the Jetson Oven, because this smart oven is futuristic in many ways. First of all, this appliance can replace your convection oven, air fryer, toaster, slow cooker, dehydrator and warming drawer. It comes equipped with an internal HD camera that scans what you put in the oven and then configures an automatic cook program tailored to the type and amount of food. A built in thermometer continually sends temperature readings to the oven and based on the readings will switch cook modes, adjust the temperature and let you know when your meal is done. You can cook just about anything in a June oven – even a roast turkey. Its counter footprint is modest at less than 20” wide and deep, and just over 12” high. University students and newlyweds will have this oven on the top of their wish lists for many years to come.



June Oven. Digital image. Juneoven.com. 30 September 2020,

7. Raclette Grill. Also known as a party grill, a raclette is an entertainer’s dream. Raclette is a traditional Swiss cheese dish prepared on a heated grill. Semi-hard cheese is cut into thick slices and grilled or melted in coupelles, (small pans), which sit under the grill. Meat, potatoes and vegetables are cooked on top of the grill. Slice loaves of French bread, spread garlic butter on the slices, then melt the cheese on top of the bread. Delicious! Better yet, top the garlic buttered-bread with meat and vegetables and then top with melted cheese. Your guests will be so enthralled with cooking their gourmet supper that nobody will be able to dominate the conversation. And just so you know, the conversation will undoubtedly be about how delicious the meal is.


Heritage Rock 8 Person Party Grill. Digital image. Canadian Tire. 30 September 2020,


8. Taco Holders. Taco holders may not be the most ingenious food invention ever made, but if you’ve ever had the issue of needing to set a taco down to take a drink of water, a taco holder may be your new best friend. These plastic microwave and dishwasher safe taco holders securely hold taco shells and help keep them from breaking. If you’re making tacos, you are likely expecting to get a little messy. However, utilizing these nifty taco holders may have you using fewer napkins. For that reason, we consider them to be environmentally beneficial.


Taco Proper Taco Holder Set. Digital image. Bedbathandbeyond.ca. 30 September 2020,

9. Kitchen strainer. This nifty, silicone strainer comes in several sizes and clips onto your pot or pan for quick and easy straining. It is BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and folds up for storage. It is perfect for cooks who need to use both hands to lift a pot full of water or for busy families who cannot set a colander in their overflowing sink in order to strain pasta with two hands. It’s incredibly easy to clean and a pleasure to strain with.



Kitchen Gizmo Snap Strain. Digital image. Amazon.ca. 30 September 2020,

10. Frywall Splatter Guard. Splatter screens are helpful, but you have to remove them in order to stir or flip the food in the pan. The Frywall Splatter Guard appeared on Shark Tank in early 2018 and brought in over $800,000 in sales in its first year. Use the Frywall once and you’ll see why it’s so popular. Never splatter your kitchen walls and oven with spaghetti sauce again! The Frywall will keep the food in the pot where it belongs. It is BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and rolls up for easy storage. It comes in several sizes and colors for the discerning home cook.



Frywall. Digital image. Frywall.com. 30 September 2020,

If you want to really deck out your kitchen for the holiday season, the items on this list are must-haves. They’re also great gift ideas for the loved one on your list who “has everything” or for turning you into the loved one who “has everything”. Choose wisely!