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8 Killer Accessories to Design Into or Add to Your Kitchen

  1. Magic Lazy Susan. The Lazy Susan finally has a comparable option called the “Magic Corner”. As most people know, Lazy Susans are circular and you have to rotate the dish to access the item you need. While Magic Corners are more like a sliding L-shaped drawer that completely slides out so you can access everything in it. The main functional difference between a Magic Corner and a Lazy Susan is that you have to crouch down and reach in to get the item you want. Whereas the Magic Corner is more like a drawer where you just pull it out and pick out the item you want. The primary difference between a good quality Lazy Susan that doesn’t wobble or tilt and a Magic Corner is price. Lazy Susans are generally between $250 and $300, while Magic Corners start at $800 and go up from there.

Curved Magic Corner
Curved Magic Corner. Digital image. Woodworker Express. 30 September 2020,

  1. Google Nest Hub with display and voice recognition. Smart hubs will allow you to get things done with voice recognition while having sticky fingers from cooking. Google, Facebook and Amazon all offer products that will work in your kitchen. However, for the purposes of this article, we will simply talk about what we consider the leader: Google Nest Hub. Imagine your hands are covered in cookie dough and you need to read an email or check the weather. All you have to do is say, “Hey Google, show me the weather, or “hey, Google, read me the last email.” Or, if you’re stuck and need a recipe, just ask Google for one. “Hey, Google, what’s the recipe for chocolate chip cookies?” This wonderfully amazing product takes up very little space on your countertop, connects with your Hello Google Doorbell to show you who’s at the door and your Nest Yale Lock to allow you to unlock the door when your kids get home from school.

Google Nest Hub
Google Nest Hub. Digital image. Staples. 30 September, 2020,

  1. Barstools Those who have them often take them for granted. Those who do not have them often pine for them, (no pun intended). Barstools have multiple uses. They can give you a place to sit in your kitchen when you’re tired but need to keep an eye on those cookies in the oven. Two stools in the kitchen can turn a counter into a breakfast bar or homework centre. It’s especially handy to have barstools in your kitchen if you often help your children with homework. These moveable, often stackable and even spin-able seats enable you to multitask. Barstools are also great for friends to sit at while you visit with them in the kitchen. They come in a huge variety of colors, shapes and sizes. There are table height, counter height and bar height stools. They can be made with nearly every type of wood or metal. Choose stools in a contrasting color that pops against the background of your kitchen, or in a complimenting color that blends in and makes your kitchen feel incredibly warm and cozy. The options are limitless.
    Kitchen Renovations
    Indoor Outdoor Guy Renovation, 2020.
  1. An integrated work station/colander set that fits into your kitchen sink.These lovely workstations are incredibly functional and are becoming more popular as news of their versatility spreads. We are happy to design one of these new, modern sinks into your kitchen. Both the colander and the sink have to be manufactured by the same company and be compatible. Imagine being able to chop and lay out all of the ingredients for your favorite chutney in a stunning custom colander tray that sits in your sink? No more moving veggies, wet from rinsing them in the sink, all the way over to your counter, leaving a trail of water on your kitchen floor. No more overflowing cutting board holding a variety of veggies you’ve chopped up. No more onion juice spoiling the flavor of the other veggies sitting on your cutting board. This will save you time and look great, too! One of our favorites is the Krause Workstation Accessory Set.
    Kraus Workstation Kitchen Sink

Kraus Workstation Kitchen Sink Serving Board Set with Stainless Steel Bowls. Digital image. J.Keats. 30 September, 2020,

  1. Command Centre. The importance of being organized has never held more truth than it does today. Rapidly changing schedules, bills, letters, homework, grocery lists, etc. Having all of those things in one place saves a great deal of time and energy. Although some smart refrigerators offer a digital command centre, many families find there is just no substitute for silly notes and photos with magnets, and the quick and easy flexibility that a magnetic or white board provides. You are the captain of your command centre. Your wish is its…you know.

Wood Home Organizer Magnetic Wall
Wood Home Organizer Magnetic Wall Mounted Dry Erase Board. Digital image. Wayfair.ca. 30 September, 2020,

  1. Built in desk for paying bills and organizing recipes. Along the same lines of a command centre, having a built in nook in your kitchen to help you stay organized is an upscale idea. One step further than a command centre would be a desk and chair with a drawer for filing bills and a shelf for storing cookbooks and knick knacks. Complete this with a pegboard for posting notes and pictures on, as well as file folders to store school forms and completed tests in, and you have an incredibly functional area to enjoy. If you have children, keeping all of the forms that come home from school will save you time and frustration. Can’t remember what time the field trip bus is dropping your kids off? It’s on the form you filed away, you smart cookie. Can’t remember your kids’ teacher’s email address? It’s on a form you filed away during the first week of school. Your high schooler cannot find his or her volunteer hours records. No problem – this, too, is filed away!

White Kitchen Space
White Kitchen Space Turned Into Desk. Digital image. Home Edit.com. 30 September, 2020,

  1. Smart refrigerator. We are not quite at the technology level of the Jetsons, but we’re getting close! Smart refrigerators are connected to your phone through the internet. Not all smart refrigerators offer the same features. Some of these advanced appliances allow you to see what’s inside the refrigerator so you know if you’re out of milk or eggs. You may have the ability to send and receive short messages to and from a smart screen on the fridge. Some of these appliances will send an alert to your phone if your family has left the fridge door open. One of the most useful features, however, is the ability to search up things on the internet, such as, recipes. Some smart refrigerators work with IFTTT, Google Assistant and Alexa so you can ask for status updates about your refrigerator from wherever you are. “Alexa, more ice, ice, baby!”
    Family Hub Smart Refrigerator
    Family Hub Smart Refrigerator. Digital image. Home Depot.com. 30 September, 2020,
  2. Rolling kitchen cart. How many times have you wished for just a tiny bit more counter space? Perhaps you don’t really need more counter space day-to-day, but during holidays and around birthdays having extra table space would save your bacon – literally. We regularly design a space for a rolling cart to sit when not in demand as part of our kitchen plans. Rolling carts can have a granite top for chopping fruits and vegetables, a built in wine rack, a drawer to store spices or barbeque utensils, or may be designed and equipped to your exact specifications.

Haviland Kitchen Cart

Haviland Kitchen Cart with Stainless Steel Top. Digital image. Wayfair.com. 30 September, 2020,

Have these eight, fantastic accessories to add to or build into your kitchen made you drool? We understand! That’s why they are such wonderful accessories to have in your kitchen. The ones that make your life easier and reduce the stress and mess are always worth the investment.