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Home Additions in Vancouver & Richmond

Many times with a growing family or lifestyle changes a home addition becomes necessary to meet the needs of the owners. The purpose of this addition may be to allow for a larger kitchen, add an additional bathroom, give an expanded master bedroom, a new entryway, or an additional family room for the kids to play in to give their parents a break. Additionally adding a second floor often allows more bedrooms for a growing family or an in-law suite for an elderly parent. For any questions about adding a home addition in Vancouver and Richmond please contact the Indoor Outdoor Guy Renovations and he will be happy to give you a free consultation.

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Technically home additions in Vancouver require several steps. First a client consultation must be done to determine exactly what the clients need the addition to provide. Second, in consultation with the clients a complete set of plans and drawings must be done up to ensure that every detail is looked after, and that the clients know what they are getting. Thirdly, once the clients have approved the plans, the plans need to be submitted to the city and be approved in order to get a building permit granted. If the addition contains a kitchen or a bathroom it will require a plumbing permit and a more detailed electrical permit. Depending on the municipality, the project may also need a site service permit, land survey and/or development permit. A development permit is often needed in the city of Vancouver and surrounding areas if you are adding additional space to your home or if you are adding a secondary suite as part of the renovation. A structural engineer and/or geo technical engineer is also needed to sign off on your project and perform additional inspections, depending on the size of your project and building/site conditions.

As each city and town has its own regulatory body; the municipality, the renovations contractor have to know what details the city wants to see in the plans. Overall requirements of plans for new home additions have increased considerably and include movement to green building materials and practices, higher insulation requirements, seismic concerns, rain-screen requirements etc.

The experience of the general contractor, who is assigned the task of building a second story addition in Vancouver and Richmond will be tested by the provincial building code and municipal bylaws as both zoning requirements and the BC Building Code have become more complicated and thus more difficult to interpret. Only a contractor that knows the system is going to get these legal issues resolved. Only a contractor that understands the system is going to have success completing your renovation.

Whether it is possible to get certain home additions approved in Vancouver and Richmond or the surrounding areas depends upon the municipal by-laws of the city you live in, as it is the municipality that will grant the permit for the addition, depending on the FSR or Floor Space Ratio. If there are homes around that are on the same size of lot and they are larger than yours, chances are good that the municipality you live in will grant the permit. Also, if you live in an older area, as most municipalities have increased the maximum FSR to allow for bigger homes, are likely to get the permit granted. Even though there may not be any larger homes on your street, the FSR on the whole, might still allow for an addition.

There are other issues like issuance of a permit to build an addition on the ground or add floors or additions to floors. Permits may not be issued to build on the ground as it reduces the amount of permeable ground, but you may be allowed to build up.

Occasionally the municipality may not issue you a permit to build an addition that increases the footprint of the existing home (ie expands the home outward) , because of permeability or zoning issues, in this case they still may grant a second floor addition or an addition that is built over an attached garage.

For any home additions on the ground or second story additions in Vancouver and Richmond or the surrounding area the Indoor Outdoor Guy Renovations is the right contractor for the job as we have the experience and knowledge to build your addition right the first time.

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