Design & Build of Second Storey Addition Richmond

The clients needed an additional bedroom for their growing family. During the design process, we looked at different options for the addition such as extending it off the rear of the house. It was determined the most cost effective and design effective option was to extend the second floor over the single story portion of the house. This new addition contains two bedrooms and the hallway in the addition aligns perfectly with the existing house hallway. The existing landing at the top of the stairs was also enlarged to include a sitting area so the home would feel more balanced. Two skylights were also added above this area to let in an abundance of natural light. As we were adding two more bedrooms to the home, it was important to add an additional bathroom to service the bedrooms. Various options for the bathroom, such as a standard 3 piece and a Jack and Jill bathroom were considered.

During Construction

As you can see, a section of the roof needed to be removed to make room for the new addition. New floor joists were added to support the floor of the addition.
A new truss roof system was installed for the addition. The truss roof was sheathed with 5/8" plywood and the overhangs were matched to the existing home.
It does not snow often in Richmond, but as we like to joke, The Indoor Outdoor Guy staff work rain or shine all the time, or in this case, rain or snow.
Additional photo of wall and roof framing.

Near Completion of Construction: Before Exterior Paint

This photo shows the almost completed addition with the exterior envelope installed, (window and stucco installed), prior to painting.

Photos of Interior at Project Completion

This photo shows the two skylights that were added, new pot lights and both the middle and upper landings.
This photo shows the entrance to the bathroom and one of the bedrooms. The 6-panel style for the doors and the casings and baseboard styles were chosen to match the rest of the home in order to give the house a consistent, "built all at one time" feel.

Photos of Bathroom at Project Completion

This photo shows the new bathroom with its modern vanity that has a built in set of drawers on the right and a matching mirror above.
This photo shows a one piece fibreglass shower stall. We often recommend this shower stall to clients as it is low maintenance and has no grout or caulking lines in the actual unit.

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