Richmond Guest Suite

The client had an existing rec room and bar area that wasn’t being utilized. What she really wanted was a nice area for her family to stay when they visited from overseas. She wanted them to be close enough to spend an abundance of quality time together, but not so close that they would have limited privacy.

A French door unit was added to the back of the house to allow for a separate guest entrance. A new, three piece bathroom was installed downstairs that could be shared between the guest suite and the laundry room. A kitchenette was designed into the suite to allow guests to prepare easy meals for themselves so there was no increased pressure on the client to prepare three meals a day for her guests.

In order to support the new bathroom and kitchenette, the plumbing and electrical systems were redone. The kitchenette cabinetry was custom designed to the fit the available space. A microwave, sink and small fridge were designed into the kitchenette as well as a plug for a toaster oven. Under cabinet lighting was added to provide a little flare.


Before and After Renovation

The entire suite and lower level had to be gutted down to the studs. Additional framing was added to allow for more insulation and to add a sleeker look to the suite.

Before renovation.
After completion.

Suite Bathroom

The new three piece bathroom was designed to have a polished look with modern fixtures including lights, mirror, vanity and faucet. The bathroom also features a functional and economical fiberglass shower with a built-in seat. 

View of 3 piece bathroom.
Close-up of vanity.

Shared Laundry Room

As part of the renovation the laundry room was completely redone. The old top-loading washer and dryer were replaced with brand a new front-loading washer and dryer set that allowed for a continuous countertop to be placed over them. The client selected a wooden countertop as she liked the look of the wood and it was more economical than quartz. A laundry sink with lower vanity cabinet was also added to the laundry room to give it full functionality.

View of laundry room and hallway.
View of laundry room sink and vanity.

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