Character House Restoration and Construction

One of the specialties of the Indoor Outdoor Guy Renovations is restoring character homes to their original craftsmen styles.  This includes using Vancouver’s heritage colors or a different color scheme if the client desires, restoring exposed beam work, including post and beam and cedar arches and knee braces.  Adding decorative wooden or fiber cement shakes to the gables and removing existing vinyl siding to reveal the original bevel cedar siding or replacing the existing cedar siding if damaged with new bevel cedar siding, or hardi fibre-cement. We also address existing structural concerns in character homes by installing new drain tile systems, adding additional concrete to strenghten weakness’s in the old foundations.  We also replace the existing electrical and plumbing systems where necessary.  Or when the client desires.  Many of the homes that we have worked on, especially some of the hundred year old homes found in New Westminster require drain tile work. We have also transformed mid-century homes to a craftsmen style home.  One of our projects involved transforming a one story world war two bungalow into a two story with basement character home.  If the roof lines of your home have a high pitch then the transformation can be relatively cost effective, when compared to the return on investment that the renovation will bring. If you would like a free consultation on transforming your existing home in Vancouver into a character home or restoring your existing character home please contact us at 604-277-5572 or through our website’s contact page


Gulston Residence Character Home Transformation & Second Floor Addition

Completed home after renovation
Early stages of construction.

For this project we transformed a single story bungalow into a two story character home with a full basement suite.  For more photos of this renovation please visit: view page


Brulot Residence Character Home Restoration

After completion of renovation
Before start of construction

This project involved removing the vinyl siding on the outside of this character home and replacing it with new hardi-siding  and installing new window casings, door casings, band boards, fascia boards, trim boards and soffit. Other craftsman details such as decorative posts, knee braces, and squares were added to the front of the home to complete the look.For more photos of this renovation please visit: view page


Erickson Character Home Restoration & Addition

After completion of renovation
During construction.

This renovation involved a completely new building envelope for this existing character home.  New doors, windows, hardi siding, window casings, band boards, and railings were installed as part of the new building envelope.  A brand new front porch, large rear deck, and small rear porch cover were also added to this home as part of the renovation. For more photos of this renovation please visit: view page


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