Kitchen Hide and Seek Design Tricks and Tips

Hide and Seek may be a child’s game, however, we feel the title warrants use to describe some of the clever kitchen design tricks we have at our disposal. You can be the judge.

Hidden Pantry

We do not recommend this as a place for a kid to hide, but we cannot say the same for dry goods, canned food and almost anything else one might use to prepare a meal.

There’s no need to have your appliances, Christmas dishes, kitchen cleaning supplies, paper towels and jumbo-sized produce packages from Costco on display in your kitchen. Tuck them all away in a hidden pantry that is right under your guests’ noses. Wow them with this little hideaway that is hidden in plain sight. The storage possibilities in such a pantry are quite endless. And yes, we confess, such a pantry MAY make an ideal hiding place. But let’s give the hide and seekers a sporting chance at least, yes?


Kitchen by Gulick Group

Chameleon Refrigerator

Refrigerators come in so many different sizes nowadays, and colors. Sometimes when a refrigerator kicks the proverbial bucket, it may be tricky to find a replacement that is the exact same as the original. Not to mention that nobody actually enjoys seeing fingerprints and smudges on a stainless-steel refrigerator door. At least, nobody we have met or would like to meet. Enter the chameleon refrigerator – which does not actually have the ability to change its color to blend in with its surroundings. Rather there are two types of refrigerators that we consider have chameleon-like abilities.

Firstly, there is the overlay panel refrigerator. One may also call this type of appliance a panel-ready refrigerator. This is a built-in refrigerator that has be specifically designed to accept a fitted panel that is the same color and design as your kitchen cabinetry.

Secondly, there is an integrated refrigerator. The difference is that an integrated refrigerator is fully camouflaged and has no compressor vents that are visible. It will sit perfectly in line with the kitchen cabinets and is crafted with an inset door. Thus, when an integrated refrigerator door is closed, it blends right in with the kitchen cabinets. It is one of the most popular features of professionally designed kitchens. However, under no circumstances is any refrigerator to be used as a hiding space for children. Birthday cakes, yes; living things, no.

Integrated Overlay Panel


Kitchen by Boston Appliance

Disappearing Dishwasher

Come on, you didn’t really think that refrigerators were going to get to have all the fun in the kitchen, did you? The dishwasher wants to hide, too, and we are happy to grant its wish.

A kitchen with clean lines and a uniform look is absolutely striking. Alas, if only that dishwasher matched – no – blended into the background. Let’s face it: a dishwasher rarely if ever enhances the design of a kitchen. We WANT our dishwasher to blend in. When all the dishes are loaded into the dishwasher and we get to experience the satisfaction of pushing the “on” button – preferably when our spouse is watching us do so – we would like no reminder of said dishes. Well, we are happy to inform you that your wish CAN come true. Much like refrigerators, dishwashers can be built in to be camouflaged with a cabinet that matches the rest of the ones in the kitchen. You may install pulls or knobs on it to further blend the appearance. So, the next time you turn the dishwasher on, it will truly be out of sight and out of mind.


Kitchen by Decor Pad

Tucked Away Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens are a very handy appliance. Quickly softening a stick of butter, reheating leftover food and rapidly cooking frozen vegetables are just a few of the wonderful tricks a microwave can perform. If only they didn’t take up so much space on my counter!

Guess what? They don’t need to! You can have a microwave oven that is built right into the cabinetry design of your kitchen. Imagine the counterspace that you will have with no microwave oven eating it up. One of the coolest features of a built-in microwave oven is that many of them come with a button that makes the oven door slide out. That’s right, no more ducking to avoid the swinging door of the microwave. This one slides straight out so you can reach in and remove your edible item. Life is good!


Kitchen by Sharp

Appliance Garages

Perhaps you make a cup of coffee in the Keurig every morning before leaving for work. So, the coffee maker is there all day, every day, sitting on your counter. The nerve! Taking up that valuable counter space all for 4 minutes of use per day. Can you imagine the inflated sense of importance that appliance must have? We cannot stand for this and neither should you. We give you the appliance garage. The appliance garage is a cabinet that stores your otherwise egotistical appliances out of sight. This frees up your valuable counter space for things like a kettle. Just kidding! The kettle can join the coffee maker in the appliance garage, too. But the freed-up counter space will come in handy for cooking. The appearance of an empty countertop is quite breathtaking for many home owners. Minimalists absolutely adore appliance garages. As they should.


Kitchen by Decor Pad

Under-Counter Freezer or Refrigerator

Yes, it’s true. The hotel industry basically fueled the demand for these appliances. However, that does not mean that homeowners cannot partake in the benefits.

Many homes simply need more freezer space than what is offered in a refrigerator. The need for a large stand-alone freezer one might find in a garage is not as common as the need for just a little more freezer space. Why not build in a mini freezer right into your kitchen? The lower cabinets could not be used for a better purpose, in our humble opinion. Save yourself the trip to your basement or garage when you’re in search of frozen meat to thaw out for dinner. Just take two steps forward, or back, or whichever direction you are coming from in your kitchen and pull that frozen item out.

Perhaps additional freezer space is not what you need. Perhaps your refrigerator is perfectly sized to hold all your frozen and refrigerated goods except for your wine bottle. Sure, if you didn’t have that bottle of ketchup in the refrigerator, your lovely bottle of Sauvignon Blanc could fit right there. Alas, your ketchup loving children will not give up their favorite condiment. Oh well, I guess you just need to install a built-in wine cooler. Your kids will love you for it – especially when you add a few cans of pop in there for them to enjoy on the weekends. The temperature can be set to the correct temperature for the wine, which is something you cannot do with your refrigerator. Refrigerator food should be stored at a constant temperature of about 3 degrees Celsius, which is too frigid for white wine. Lighter white wines should be served between 7 and 10 degrees Celsius, white wines that have more body are best chilled between 10 and 13 degrees, and sparkling wines should be chilled between 6 and 10 degrees. Essentially, if you keep your wine cooler at 10 degrees, virtually all of your white wine bottles should be a serve-able temperature at all times. And your ketchup will be happy in the main refrigerator, where it belongs.


Kitchen by Kitchenaid

Secret Pet Dish Area

You didn’t think we’d forgotten about your favorite, four-legged, family member, did you? Never! There are many different types of hidden pet dish options for you to explore.

Your furry friend can break bread – or biscuits – at the same time and in the same place as you and your family do. Oh – but you don’t have room on the floor for a pet food dish and pet water dish, you say? You’d be tripping over it? Let’s just tuck it away then, shall we? Lower cabinets can be fitted with built-in sliding drawers that house pet dishes. Many of them you may just gently ‘kick’ with your foot for the drawer to slide open. When Fluffy is done chowing down, you just gently push the drawer closed with your foot and your kitchen floor is once again clear.

Dish Area

Kitchen by Contemporist

Honestly, there is almost no limit to the number of things one can hide in their kitchen if one wants to. We are talking about food, appliances and all LEGAL items, here. That being said, some of these hidden spaces could be used to hide Easter eggs or small birthday and Christmas presents if the need arises. You’ll figure that all out and we’ll help you do it.