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Kitchen Organization for Next Level Neatness

1. Tight Space Kitchen Pantry. You’ve renovated your kitchen or perhaps the house you moved into has a small space between the refrigerator and the cabinetry. Either way, you have a gap to fill, which is the perfect opportunity to install a slim-line spice rack. This pull out pantry is absolutely perfect for spices or slim container storage. Depending on the width, it could be perfect for canned soup, cupcake/muffin liners or salt and pepper mills. If you make your own jam, this could be the perfect place for the jars. Some people use this for onions or potato storage. After all, when the pantry is closed, the contents being stored will be in a cool and dark place. To us it seems like the perfect place to hide a chocolate bar that you don’t want your kids finding and devouring!

Tight Space Kitchen Pantry  Digital image. Hammacher.com. 10 November 2020,

2. Mobile Ironing Board Laundry Station. When your kitchen has to serve double duty as a laundry room, this tidy mobile ironing board laundry station cart may save the day. Pull it out when you need to iron or fold laundry, and simply slide it away when you’re done. It has shelves to hold laundry cleaning supplies and folded items, drawers for dryer sheets, stain remover pens and utility scissors, and even a small hanging rack! The top of the cart is an ironing board. Prop up the tapered end to iron sleeves and pant legs or leave it down for quick and easy steaming of items. Fair warning: your kids may try to use it as a go kart. “Mom, it has wheels. What did you think it was for?”

Mobile Ironing Board Laundry Station.Digital image. Hammacher.com 10 November, 2020,

3. Magnetic Shelf for Kitchen Stove. If every inch of your kitchen space is accounted for you may be delighted to find a way to add a little more room. This magnetic shelf just sits on top of your stove and is designed for flat or curved stovetops. It comes with a 1.5” backsplash to prevent items from falling behind the stove. When it needs to be cleaned just wipe it or simply remove it to clean it, then place it back on the top of the stove. Simple! One of the best features of the shelf is its magnetism – so you can put items with magnetic bottoms on this shelf and they will stay put. The display options are endless! Either way, this magnetic shelf is the gateway to a little more storage area in your kitchen.

StoveShelf Magnetic Shelf for Kitchen Stove.Digital image. Walmart.com 10 November, 2020,

4. Undershelf Stemware Holder. Free up valuable cupboard space and show off your crystal stemware with an undershelf stemware holder. Let’s be honest; stemware does not belong inside a cabinet. It’s often bulky, breakable and when not used regularly it is hard to locate! Show off your stemware and free up premium cupboard space by installing one or more undershelf stemware holders. Put your crystal stemware on display but neatly tucked away under your cupboards.

Undershelf Stemware Holder.Digital image. Containerstore.com 10 November, 2020,

5. 6-Piece Refrigerator Storage Container Bins. This may skew to the
A-type personality, but no-one can criticize someone’s desire to have a spotless refrigerator. How much time do you waste trying to locate the tiny jar of relish in the back of your refrigerator? Eventually, you give up and go buy a new jar of relish only to find 3 jars of relish in your fridge when you do your spring cleaning. Add a set of refrigerator containers to organize your cars, cans, eggs, fruit, and yogurt – anything you want. The way we see it, the only other surefire way to keep track of your relish is to put a GPS tracker on it and that just seems a tad excessive. The next time your teenager opens your refrigerator door and yells: “There’s nothing to eat in the fridge!”, rest assured that they will be telling the truth. Better yet, stock your refrigerator with organized, easy to find, healthy food that your kids will see the moment they open the fridge door.

SortWise 6-Piece Acrylic Refrigerator Storage Container Bins and Freezer Organizer Stackable Storage Containers.Digital image. Amazon.ca. 10 November, 2020

6. YouCopia StoraLid Container Lid Organizer. We have no idea how your container lids are being stored, but we bet they don’t look as neat and tidy as the ones in this picture. This storage container lid organizer is absolute genius. It features adjustable, removable dividers so you can customize the unit for any size and shape of lids.

YouCopia StoraLid Large Food Container Lid Organizer.Digital image. Bedbathandbeyond.ca 10 November 2020,

7. Expandable Cookware Organizer. There’s no great place for frying pans and lids unless you have a hanging pot rack over your island…at least there wasn’t until now. Finally! There’s no need to stack your pans with tea towels in between them to prevent surface damage. Just plop one of these expandable cookware organizers into your cabinet, add your plans and lids, and use your tea towels for what they were made for.

Storemore Expandable Cookware Rack Digital image. Youcopia.com. 10 November 2020,

8. Pull-Out Cabinet Drawers. Under counter cabinets are generally difficult to access. They are the cupboards of no return. You store an item in the back of one of those cabinets and unless you get right down on the floor to root through everything inside, you never find what you’re looking for. However, what if you could turn those cabinets into drawers? Wouldn’t that make your life so much easier? You can! These after-market, pull-out cabinet drawers come in a variety of sizes and are easily installed in your kitchen. They are very handy to store small kitchen appliances on, pantry items, or even cleaning supplies. The sky is limit. Reach for it, but don’t kneel.

Real Solutions Double Tier Pull-Out Multi-Use Basket Cabinet Organizer.Digital image. Homedepot.ca. 10 November 2020,

9. Super Susan. The tried and true corner cabinet kitchen organizer. Whoever called this workhorse lazy should be ashamed of themselves! Super Susans are fantastic space saving solutions for hard to reach, corner areas in your kitchen. Store baking supplies, spices, jam, soup, flour, sugar – you name it – and simply spin this around until you find what you’re looking for. The only name for this is, well, super.

Lazy Susan.Digital image. Richelieu.com 10 November 2020,

10. Magic Corner. Arguably the best kitchen organization feature of any new kitchen. While more expensive than a Super Susan, a magic corner may be your new best friend. It makes ample use of all the space in those hard to reach corners and it is incredibly accessible. It pulls all the way out instead of just spinning and spinning. This means that you can easily see and access all of the items in the Magic Corner. We think that’s, well, magical.

Magic corner.Digital image. The Indoor Outdoor Guy Renovations Inc.,10 November 2020

11.Pull-Down Shelf. For the coolest kitchen on the block. Those ceiling height cabinets sure looked great when you bought the house. If only you were a professional basketball player and could reach the shelves. Never fear, the pull-down shelf is here. These absolutely brilliant shelves come in several widths and depths and can be easily installed in almost any cupboard. Now you can store everyday items on the highest shelves without needing a step ladder to reach them. The only problem you’ll have with these pull-down shelves is dealing with your addiction to pulling them down and putting them back up all day long. This is a fidget spinner for mom. Dad, put it on the Christmas list.

Pull-down Shelf.Digital image. Richelieu.com., 10 November 2020