Kitchen Trends 2023

Like the rest of the world, we sometimes wish we had a crystal ball that would allow us to see things that are going happen in 2023. Sure, winning lotto ticket numbers would be nice, but it would also be good to know whether or not that stunning pendant light is going to be in style in the near future. (Spoiler alert – it definitely IS!)

While we have no crystal ball, we are still able to see some trends emerging in 2023. Please bear in mind that what’s trending in Vancouver, B.C. may not be the same as what is trending in Austin T.X. or in metro Toronto.

The trying-hard-to-forget-you pandemic continues to affect overall kitchen trends. Home owners are investing in higher levels of customization in their kitchens as they are spending more time in their homes for the most part. Kitchens have become the centre of family life once more and people are investing more money in their kitchen renovations as a result. Investing in the overall design of the kitchen, cabinets and other stylistic choices.


Light is trending, really. In 2023, many kitchen remodels will include adding a lot of light to the family hub. Small windows will be replaced with large ones or will be accompanied by additional windows. Task lights and pot lights will be popular as well as kitchens that are designed to allow more sunlight in. Maximizing the amount of light in a home is not exactly a new trend, we know. Due to so many people having to work from home and restrict their traveling over the past couple of years, additional light in the home has become a priority for mental health.


Connecting Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces

With so many Canadians working from home at least part of the time, the desire to easily have a change of scenery is stronger than ever. In 2023, more and more renovations will involve making the kitchen or family room flow into outdoor living spaces. The ability to work on a back deck on a laptop or Macbook while sipping coffee and hearing birds tweet is a high priority for many homeowners now and into 2023. Backyard oasises with beautiful plants, flowers, landscaping and features such as waterfalls and stone retaining walls will remain in demand.

Many kitchen renovations will involve replacing a window with patio doors or French doors that open to an outdoor living space. Studio sheds to be used as a home office or a hang out space for mom, dad or the kids, will continue to be in demand. Sustainable flooring in outdoor living spaces will be popular as will outdoor kitchen areas to spend more time outside.


Soothing Interiors

Neutrals and cool blue colors are trending into 2023. Colours that are calming will be used not only in kitchen design but in the overall design of the home.


Assorted Materials, Patterns and Textures

Men and women alike love decorating their home to display their individual style. In 2023, we expect to see many more types of materials, textures and patterns in kitchens.

Assorted Materials


Pops of color will be popular in the kitchens of next year. Cabinets that are more than one color, specialty glazing on islands and counters, funky backsplash tile and unique pendant lighting will be popular in 2023.


Family Friendly Designs

With family members all at home to work or even to go to school, family friendly kitchen designs will continue to be immensely popular moving into the new year.

Kitchen islands and breakfast bars will be incorporated into many renovation designs. Islands and breakfast bars are not only the perfect place for your kids to grab breakfast or work on their homework, but they provide the perfect opportunity to add a showcase lighting fixture above them.

Kitchens are continuing to become the hub of the home. They are where friends gather, couples cook together and families play board games. Now and in the future, there will continue to be no place like home.

Friendly Designs

Pet Feeding Station

Dogs are members of the family too, and they are getting their own place in the kitchen! Built in nooks with slide out dog food and water bowls are very popular and will continue to be moving into the new year. More and more home owners are requesting a special component for their favorite fur ball. These pet-geared nooks very often are hidden behind a cupboard door for when you have a special gathering or just need to clean!

Feeding Station

Kitchen by Houzz.com


The more time spent in a kitchen now has people considering what they feel is missing. Phone charging and laptop charging ports are making a splash in newer kitchen designs. Two separate sinks in a kitchen for couples who enjoy prepping and cooking together. Cork or other specialty flooring that is soft on the feet, warmer than tile, and unique. Built in wine coolers to show off a favorite vintage are becoming common in high end homes. Office nooks with designs that reflect a person’s hobby are popping up now and will continue to do so. Any little hint of personalization that means something special to the homeowner is strongly considered in current and trending future kitchen design.


Kitchen Garden
Working from home over the past few years has given people a little more time to focus on healthy eating. A large number of individuals entered the hobby of vegetable gardening for the first time in 2022 and we expect even larger numbers to do this in 2023.

The rising cost of food has made growing your own vegetables and herbs more viable than ever. It is very common to have a windowsill herb garden designed into a kitchen renovation, where lighting will feed the plants as well as illuminate a kitchen workspace. Many homeowners have deck gardens. Their kitchen is renovated to flow into the back yard where they have a deck with built-in vegetable planters. They grow tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and more right on their decks. This serves as sustenance and therapy. Soil is proven to be a mood booster.

Kitchen Garden

With the many changes over the past few years, one can expect changes in design trends as well. From family-friendly kitchens, to new textures and materials, to additional lighting, we like where kitchen design is going in 2023 and we think you will, too. However, with all the changes in the world today, it is not unlikely to expect that some surprising design trends will emerge.