Townhouse Kitchen Renovation

This renovation project involved a completely new kitchen as well as main floor flooring. Our design team worked with the clients to select the kitchen cabinet style and colors, lighting, appliances, countertops and flooring. All of these choices were color coordinated to ensure that the finished product would be stunning and unique. In order to increase the cabinet and countertop space, a rarely used patio door at the end of the kitchen was removed and replaced with a large window. A smaller window was installed on the right hand side to match the new window.

This kitchen uses under cabinet lighting as well as track lighting to provide illumination to every area in the kitchen. A unique, rolling, circular island with a matching counterop was designed into the kitchen with its own curved parking space.  Our designer worked with the kitchen countertop company to ensure that the curve on the end of the stationary countertop matched the curve of the rolling circular island.

The lower cabinets are a solid wood grey stained shaker style, while the upper cabinets are white. This kitchen also features glass doors and a mosaic patterned backsplash for some additional “wow” factor.

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