Maximize Your Kitchen Space with These Pro Tips.   

Mobile Islands

Mobile islands are a wonderful invention. There are days when we all wish we had more counter space. Sure, our kitchen works very well for our family’s day-to-day dining needs, but not for special occasions. When Thanksgiving rolls around and Aunt Ida lugs in the most impressive display of Tupperware, filled to the brim with all sorts of food that may or may not be entirely edible, there just isn’t a place for that kind of overflow to go. Not to mention that for a Thanksgiving feast there is likely to be an armada of dishes such as carrots, potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, yams and more. Perhaps you have the food setup in a buffet-style arrangement? You will need quite the counter space to lay out all of those dishes along with cutlery, plates, glasses, drinks, condiments and more. Really, the question is not so much “Do I need a mobile island?” as it is “What size of mobile island do I need?”

They really are incredibly helpful. You park them where you want them, and whenever you need them somewhere else, you simply roll them into the place. This helps maximize the floor space of a smaller kitchen, while not changing the layout of the room. When you want to have an evening of baking with a good friend, just roll out the mobile island. You on one side, your friend on the other. Let the baking begin!


Lazy Susans and Close Cousins

So, you have a lazy susan but you have not quite figured out how to make the most of it. You are not super fond of getting down on your knees to search for spices, sugar and other pantry items, while spinning and spinning and never quite finding what you’re looking for.

Allow us to introduce you to a lazy susan relative – the super susan. As well as the magic corner and the leman. The magic corner has a door that you open and then shelves that slide out so the items come to you, as opposed to you craning your neck to find them in the dark corner of dizzy dreams. The super susan and the leman are similarly nifty!


Reclaim Space from an Old Flue or Adjoining Closet

If you live in an older home, you may have some unused, extra space at your fingertips. An old, natural gas furnace that required a chase may have been replaced with a high efficiency natural gas unit, or perhaps an electric heat pump. Neither of which require the chase. Commonly, a hot water tank is standing in the way of reclaiming that space and turning it into a beautiful pantry. A natural gas hot water tank can be replaced with an electric hot water tank that does not require an exhaust vent! You may also look for space in rooms adjoining your kitchen and perhaps turn an unused closet into a kitchen pantry.


Consider replacing your kitchen table and 4 chairs with a built-in banquette. One major advantage of banquettes is the storage under the bench chairs. Can one ever have too much storage space in their kitchen? There is no more wasted space with a banquette and it provides more space, overall, in the kitchen as you don’t need to leave space to pull out a chair. The banquette seating may have 3 foot long drawers that slide out on each end. These are called “super slides”.

Not to mention the color coordination possibilities with the custom seam cushions. Your kitchen is a safe place to proudly display your love of plaid, paisley or pastels, if you so choose. The list of material options is nearly endless, so have fun picking out the perfect pattern for your banquette seating.



Kitchen Organization Bling

That useless, unused space beneath your kitchen sink? Put a drawer in there. Maybe nobody will even think there is a drawer there and you can hide one of your favorite chocolate bars there for a rainy day. We won’t tell.

Custom, built-in spice racks are trending currently. Perhaps you have a thin space between your refrigerator and cupboards? A svelte, slide-out spice rack may fit in there perfectly. How functional would that be! Not to mention, how many more spices could you store in a slide out spice rack than in your cupboards? How quickly could you find them if you could just slide them all out and not have to dig around in the cupboard for them?

There are many types of drawer organizers that can help tidy up a kitchen. Where does one put all their pot lids? If the pots are stored in a stacked manner, the lids cannot be on top of the individual pots. So, where do they go? The lid organizer is a game changer for those with a lower cabinet space. It looks so neat and tidy when filled with the lids you can used to never be able to find.

Slide-out drawers are one of our favorite accessories. Firstly, let’s just get one thing straight: we highly, HIGHLY recommend installing as many drawers in a kitchen as possible. If the cabinet is below the countertop, please, make it is a drawer. We will say this again – nobody enjoys getting down on their hands and knees to dig something out of the lower cabinet with cupboard doors. With drawers, you can see and access everything in that cabinet anytime you want to! Perhaps, though, you purchased a home that has a beautiful kitchen and alas, they had it custom built with gorgeous lower cupboards. Well, save your tears, my friend. You can add slide-out drawers to those cupboards without changing the doors.

Add a kitchen sink insert. These inserts are very helpful for meal prepping. It’s like extra counterspace!



Remove Drops off Tall Cabinets

Many older kitchens have bulkheads, another term for a drywall drop, above the wall panels. Often when removing these bulkheads you will have room for floor to ceiling cabinets. On average, reclaiming this wasted space will give you 25% more wall cabinet square footage. These top level cabinets are the perfect place to put those dishes you only use once in a while. It is also great to store those fine china hand-me-downs you will never use but cannot get rid of.



Re-locate rarely used items in your kitchen

Ask yourself a couple of questions: are there things you store in your kitchen that are rarely used that could be stored in your attic or garage? Kitchen space is high value real estate. Does that never-been-used fondue set really need to set up home in your kitchen cabinet? Or the breadmaker that makes delicious, fresh, preservative-free bread but is humongous and heavy and takes up more space than all of your cups combined! Perhaps you even have things you can donate. In this scenario our recommendation is to move it or lose it.