Backyard Nordic Experience Package


It’s what everyone is talking about these days. No, not that. The Nordic Experience! The benefits of contrast bath therapy, a version of  hydrotherapy, have been known to Scandinavian countries for hundreds of years. Here’s how it works.

Your circulatory system is nudged in opposite directions, depending on the temperature your body is exposed to. Immerse yourself in hot water and your blood vessels open up or expand. Immerse even just a portion of yourself in cold water and your blood vessels contract. When you alternate between hot and cold your blood vessels pulse as they contract and expand. This not only improves circulation but this pulsing kicks the lymphatic system into high gear to get to work on detoxifying your body.


Enjoy the Benefits of the Hot-Cold Therapy Cycle at Home


We custom design and build a Nordic Experience for your backyard. The health benefits of saunas have long been praised and utilized by Scandinavians. More recently, the healing power of the Hot Cold Therapy Cycle — Hydrotherapy — has been promoted at countless spas across the world.

Hot – Cold – Relax
This cycle improves blood circulation and jumpstarts the lymphatic system. The result is a body that is detoxified and energized. It also actively promotes the release of endorphins, also known as the “well-being hormones”. Revived. Body & Mind.

Nordic Package 1: An electric or wood burning, sauna.

Nordic Package 2: A sauna and a plunge pool.

Nordic Package 3: A sauna, plunge pool and hot tub.

Dry heat, cool water, rest. Wet heat, cool water, rest. Repeat.





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