Bathroom Renovations Vancouver

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Bathroom Renovations Vancouver

The Indoor Outdoor Guy Renovations offers full design and build services for your bathroom renovation or new construction. Lower Mainland, Richmond and Vancouver. Bathroom renovations in Vancouver can be one of the more straight forward renovations, however, this is not always the case. As there are many different styles of fixtures, countertops and tiles, bathroom renovations tend to involve more design decisions than other renovations do. Design choices with bathrooms are further complicated due to the small areas which they typically occupy. Bathroom renovations tend to be driven by either a person who likes to relax while bathing or showering or by a need to renovate a bathroom that is either cosmetically dated or is starting to leak or deteriorate, or does not meet the accessibility needs of an aging home owner. While the bathroom renovation will be driven by either a relaxation need or a functional need, and that option will affect the budget, in order to get one’s best value all bathrooms need a good design.

The Functional Bathroom Renovation

This is generally the most economical option for a bathroom renovation as the toilet, sink and bathtub or shower generally stay in the same locations even though they are replaced with new fixtures.

This type of renovation is more economical because there are no plumbing or electrical changes in the walls, ceilings or floors. However, this renovation still involves many design decisions and careful planning. It does result in a completely new bathroom. When we meet with our clients we walk through many design choices including: new fixtures, cabinetry, countertops, flooring, tiles, lighting and all the smaller details as well. Based on these selections, a complete set of plans for the bathroom renovation is drawn up. These plans are not only used to confirm that we understand your choices and vision, but will also serve as a guide for the carpenters, electricians, tile setters and other professionals in the construction of your bathroom. The permit process for this type of bathroom is very simple as it only involves the plumber and electrician getting over-the-counter permits for their work.

The Bathroom Renovation for Relaxation and Comfort

This option allows you to get the bathroom of your dreams. This renovation is generally driven by a client who either really enjoys bathing in a luxurious soaker tub or a client who loves to sit in a custom shower stall with a built in bench and allow the steaming water to run over him after a long day of work. Regardless of the motive, we work with you to give you the perfect bathing or custom shower experience. This renovation may involve substantially changing the layout of the bathroom, such as moving the toilet from one side of the bathroom to the other, adding a free standing tub or taking space away from a closet or adjacent room to make the bathroom larger. When it comes to bathrooms, this type of renovation typically involves more than three fixtures. As opposed to a regular bathroom which generally has a sink, toilet and tub/shower combination, these bathrooms generally have a separate shower and either a deck mounted tub or a free standing tub. However, this is not always the rule as some of our spa-like bathrooms have had the tub removed and replaced with a large walk-in shower. When renovating a bathroom in Richmond or Vancouver, this approach involves two steps. In the design phase of this approach, our designer meets with you to design all aspects of the bathroom. Our designer will work with you to select all the bathroom fixtures, countertops, vanities, faucets, tile finishes, flooring, trim and paint colors. Based on these selections, a complete set of plans for the bathroom renovation is drawn up. These plans will be used not only for the permit process but will also serve as a guide for the carpenters, electricians and tile setters in the construction of the bathroom. The second phase of this design build approach is the construction of your bathroom.

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