The Crescent Beach Bathroom Construction Vancouver

The client’s desired that this bathroom have a big wow factor, while still remaining functional. The existing bathroom had a wall which seperated the shower from the rest of the bathroom, making the shower very dark and cold. The client followed our recommendations to take the wall out and to make the shower the prominent focal point of the bathroom. The shower includes a regular shower head mounted on the wall, as well as a rain head mounted on the ceiling, and a detachable wand that can be used on hard to reach places and for cleaning the shower. This bathroom also includes seperate his and hers vanities, with marble counter tops. As part of the above mentioned wow factor that the client desires, a tile mosaic on the floor was added early in the design phase. It was decided to further enlarge the tile mosaic during the renovation as the new bathroom was taking shape. Another recommendation that the clients adopted from the design phase was enclosing the toilet in it’s own seperate room. (A seperate bathroom exhaust fan was added to this toilet room (water closet), to deal with an unwanted aromas). Although the toilet room has it’s own lighting the clients elected to use a wooden door with rainglass in it, to ensure enough light enters the room. This part of the bathroom also has the second vanity. The clients also desired that the bathroom have a free standing bathtub to add to the overall wow effect of the bathroom.

Custom Built Shower

Second Vanity and Water Closet

Shower with Door Open

Tile mosaic

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