The Craftsman Workshop

For this, our client was a retired medical doctor who had always dreamed of doing woodworking as a hobby, but never had time for it due to his demanding career. Both he and his wife are avid gardeners and it was important that the style, design and location of the shed fit in well with their existing outdoor backyard. Our design team worked with our clients to design a cottage-like, Craftsman shed that would fit nicely into their West Coast style landscaping. As this workshop/shed was going to primarily be used for woodworking, it was important that it have an abundance of natural light, and as such, a lot of glass was designed into the shed. For rainy days, eight pot lights were added to the design to make sure that the client would have more than enough light to keep working even on the gloomiest of days. A cathedral ceiling was used in this shed to make it easier for the client to move building materials around while working on his woodworking projects. He wanted to avoid banging the shed ceiling with pieces of plywood and 8 foot long 2X4’s. A large, 6 foot wide French door unit was chosen as the main door to allow the client to easily expand his workshop to the outside when the weather permits. Like almost all of our studio sheds, this shed has a concrete foundation that never wears out and an exterior building envelope finish that will last as long or longer than their home.



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