The Ultimate Storage Shed

This shed is the ultimate combination between floor space and storage. It has 64 sq feet of loft storage space without taking away from its 96 sq feet of main floor space. It has many features: a metal roof, two storage lofts, a glass door, door trim, battens, trusses and more. The loft area is meant for storage, while the main floor area can be used as a heated office, workshop, potting shed or more “storage”. It can be built on skids, concrete piers, or a slab on grade foundation. The walls can be insulated and interior finished to what the client desires. The metal is roof is available in many different colors. It’s extra height allows for the loft storage areas. As this shed is below 100 sq feet it does not require a building permit in most cities in the lower mainland, however the location of a shed in a yard still must comply to local zoning bylaws.

shed with loft area for extra storage, metal roof, board and batten siding
Loft area of storage shed Back Loft - Interior (8' x 4' = 32 sq feet)

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