The Fairdell Deck & Pergola

This deck was built for an interior designer’s home, and therefore needed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The deck needed to fit in nicely with the home and landscaping. It was designed to house a hot tub and a lounging area. A concrete sump with a pumping system was constructed so the hot tub could be partially depressed into the ground in order to be level with the top of the deck. This made it look as if the hot tub had been mounted into the deck. A wooden and plexiglass pergola was constructed so the hot tub could be used during rainy days. Two separate lighting systems were installed; one lighting the edge of the deck and stairs and the other providing illumination to the deck surface from lights mounted on the fence posts. A low-maintenance, composite decking material manufactured by TimberTech was used to create the long-lasting deck. A hidden clip system was used so no nails or screws are visible on top of the deck. The interior designer client had no difficulty whatsoever adding additional wow factor to the deck buy choosing appropriate pots, plants and outdoor furniture.

View from Kitchen

Deck with composite decking and built-in hot tub

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