West Side Outdoor Living Space

This outdoor living space was part of a larger project which involved redesigning the entire backyard and adding a detached garage that functioned as a multi-purpose room. As the clients’ children were now college-aged, a trampoline and grassed area for playing were much less important than having a large patio space that could be used for both the parents and their kids to entertain friends. The backyard, landscaping, and outdoor living space areas were designed to seamlessly integrate with the multi-purpose room, deck, home and rear parking area. In order to make the outdoor living space low-maintenance, all grass was removed and replaced with raised beds to still provide the organic appeal only achieved by having natural vegetation.  As part of the project all of the fencing in the backyard was replaced and sacrificial, pressure-treated lumber was added against the fence for protection from the raised bed soil. Also, a sleek looking metal drip cap was added to the top of the fencing to help protect the wood from water and extend its lifespan. A multi-zone, professional sprinkler system takes the worry away from their clients when they travel or are too busy with life to give the gardens the attention they need. Pergola-style, low voltage landscape lighting was also used as it not only provides great spacial coverage but offers a nice, ornamental light to visually enjoy. The LED, hard-wired, low-voltage, professional landscape lighting will provide many years of maintenance free use without the need to change batteries or clean solar panels. This will avoid the regular semi-annual replacement of solar powered lights.



Backyard Before the Renovation

Our clients' yard had been left to its own devices for many years. Weeds had taken over and the shed had degraded to such a point that it was no longer usable. However, all we saw was the potential to transform this property into a stunning backyard oasis. We had a very large space to work with that provided us with many options for the clients to choose from.

Dilapidated garage before the makeover.
Outdoor living space and multipurpose room after the renovation.
Backyard before the renovation.
Backyard transformed into outdoor living space.

Basalt Stone Raised Bed

The raised beds are made of basalt pillars with matching basalt stone. These beds are not only very cosmetically appealing, but they raise the vegetation off the ground and closer to eye level so the plants and flowers can be better enjoyed. The basalt beds also contain the hidden built-in, multi-zone sprinkler system and the hardwired landscape lighting that were used to keep the yard low-maintenance.

Old Country Stone Pavers

The clients selected Old Country Stone pavers during the design process. Curves to the patio edges were added to give the space a more organic feel. The edging of the stone patio has a stylist border.

Backyard Living Space

Specific perennial plants and shrubs were chosen to enhance the overall feel of the outdoor living space. The clients also incorporated a number of vegetable plants and an apple tree in their outdoor living space. Trellises were added in strategic locations to accommodate different varieties of climbing vines such as honeysuckle and evergreen clematis.

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