Brulot Residence – February 27, 2011

Brulot Residence – February 27, 2011

February 27, 2011

I write with respect to Joseph Neely’s Indoor Outdoor Guy Renovations Inc., who completed a renovation of the exterior of my 1924 house in the summer of 2010. The renovation involved stripping the house of all its exterior envelope (siding, tar paper etc.), and addressing any underlying problems with the structure of the exterior walls and sheeting before rainscreening the entire house, and re-siding it with Certainteed planks and shakes.

I highly recommend The Outdoor Indoor Guy Ltd. for the following reasons:

– As Joseph and I discussed the renovation, even before we entered into a contract with each other, Joseph was very generous with his time as he explained the issues and options with me. I appreciate Joseph’s willingness to share his expertise and advice with me.
– Once the work began, Joseph had his crew on-site working steadily on the job until completion. I felt that the work progressed well and as expected. Joseph’s pleasant crew was punctual and consistent, starting and stopping at the same time every day.

– Joseph’s handling of neighbours’ concerns was courteous, professional and effective.

– On a daily basis, the crew cleaned up the worksite. Although my property was clearly under renovation, the materials and supplies were stored as neatly as possible and the garbage was gathered every day. Upon completion of the job, the crew cleaned up the property.

– Joseph kept me informed about the renovation as it went on, and about the issues that he encountered as the job progressed. Joseph involved me in the decisions that had to be made, to the extent that I wanted to be involved.

– Joseph worked hard to accommodate my budget while addressing my house’s deficiencies and completing a quality renovation. I did not feel that Joseph ever cut corners that should not have been cut.

In closing, I think Joseph Neely and his crew did a wonderful job for me. They didn’t just make my house look fantastic: the work they did underneath the surface is solid and reliable. They gave me piece of mind. I highly recommend The Indoor Outdoor Guy, and invite you to contact me with any questions you might have.

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