The Wardmore Testimonial

The Wardmore Testimonial

August 22, 2006

Re: The Indoor Outdoor Guy Joseph Neely

In June 2006, 1 was searching for a contractor to do a renovation of the solarium of my 45 year old Richmond split-level home. The room had been converted from a covered deck some many years before we purchased the house, and lacked insulation, proper doors and windows. The overhang of the roof had been poorly finished and as a result there was water damage to the siding and rot around the windows. The corner of the house had sunk, and the roof over that corner of the house was sagging.

Joseph was recommended to me by a friend whose neighbor had a deck built by him. On meeting him I was impressed by the amount of time he spent discerning what it was that I wanted to achieve by this renovation, and how much financial investment I wanted to put into my home. He had some wonderful suggestions around the design of adjoining living room and dining room, and I elected to proceed with a total reconstruction of that corner of my house. Because I had a continuous post and beam ceiling we decided it would look much more attractive to have an open plan rather than have the same small room,

I was fortunate enough to have Joseph available at the time. The weather was perfect for the exterior work and it proceeded at an excellent pace. Although there was some unforeseen extra work needed in upgrading the footing for raising the comer of the house, the whole renovation was completed within 6 weeks. The interior was finished with wonderful quality of work and I find the new look of the open room amazing. We now have beautiful garden doors, and extended deck and an inviting view of our backyard. The engineered hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to the room and the house has an immediate appeal to the eye on entering the front door. My sons have declared it “the perfect party house” because of the extra space for entertaining.

I would highly recommend Joseph Neely, The Indoor Outdoor Guy and his carpenters Jordan and Martin, for their wonderful craftsmanship, polite and prompt service and caring attitude to their clients.

The client