Door Project Testimonial

Door Project Testimonial

October 14, 2010

To whom it may concern

We hired Joseph Neely of The Indoor Outdoor Guy to install a new front door and French doors at the back of our home. Upon agreement to complete the job it was started on time. Joseph gave us an estimate which to our pleasure was greater than the amount billed which is what he said he would do if time to complete the job was less than estimated.

We found Joseph and his carpenter to be very efficient in taking out the two doors and replacing them with the ordered doors for completion by his finishing carpenter. The new framing needed was done quickly and well so that our home was secure when they left.

We found the finishing carpenter to be very meticulous and professional in framing the two doors. They are both very tight. Upon completion by him they look asgood as wehoped they would. During the sanding after mudding he was particularly careful to ensure that dust from sanding was vacuumed during the sanding, which minimized any dust produced. During his work he was very careful to ensure drop sheets were laid to protect our hardwood floors.

The contact has now been completed and we have no hesitation in very strongly recommending Joseph and his crew _

Yours truly,